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X12 Belt Pack Wireless Transmitter

X12 Belt Pack

"The headset our competition envies"

The only football system designed by coaches for coaches, the X12 delivers the high-quality performance needed for game day situations. Our noise cancelling technology is so advanced, you have to hear it to believe it. Lightweight yet rugged, our belt packs are built to withstand even the toughest football conditions. And the X12 integrates seamlessly with vital Coach-to-Player tools like the X12MR Mini In-Helmet Receiver and the LoudMouth Two-Way Sideline Comm System. If you're looking for the best coaching technologies at the best price, look no further than the X12 system.

most power  -  most durable  -  most features

SEE IT!  -   FEEL IT!  -  HEAR IT!

And you will be convinced it is the best headset system available.

See how the X12 stacks up against the competition!

X12 Belt Pack Transmitter
HS-45 Headset
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Coach-to-Player compatible

The X12 System integrates with the latest and greatest of coaching technologies -- developed exclusively for use with ProCom headsets.

X12MR Mini In-Helmet Receiver


Mini In-Helmet Receiver

Already used by hundreds of programs all over the country -- including the pros! -- the X12MR gives you a direct line of communication to your player.


Two-way sideline comm system

Permitted for in-game use at any level, the LoudMouth bridges the gap between coaches in the booth and players on the sideline.

LoudMouth Two-Way Sideline Comm System
Extreme Close-Up of a Football

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