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College Football Stadium
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The ProCom X12e FLEX is truly the next generation of coaching headsets designed specifically for all levels of college and pro football programs. Our innovation brings a state-of-the-art system packed with power, security and many more robust features only offered by ProCom. Many of the features included in the X12e FLEX are so far advanced that they carry a US Patent. Our system meets the needs of coaches at all levels that demand the best, and at a fair and affordable price.

ProCom "Always ahead of the game"

  • No Base Station - No Wires - Easy Setup
  • 900Mhz Clear Call Chipset*
  • 256 Bit Point to Point High End Security
  • Up to 23 coaches with NO PUSH TO TALK*
  • Self Healing using "WILL" technology*
  • 6 Channels (Talk Groups)
  • Zero setup allows you to use the X12e FLEX for practice using our X12MR Mini In-Helmet Receivers*
  • Maximum Allowed Output Power
  • 18 Hours of continual use
  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • HS-45 Flip to Mute Headset with MIL spec replaceable cable. The best headset available!


And you will be convinced it is the best headset system available.

* Patented Feature

Single or Double Muff Available

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Coach-To-Player Ready

The X12MR Mini In-Helmet Receiver is the perfect practice tool. In the illustration below, you can see each position coach talking to only their players, both starters and backup, simply with the press of a button. The head coach also has the ability to page all coaches and players at once.

X12MR Paperclip Size Comparison

Mini Helmet Receiver 1.5" W  x  3"H

Ideal for:

  • Spring Practice

  • Summer 7 on 7's

  • Camp Installs

  • Game Day Communications (where permitted)

Used by the the XFL and FCF
game clock 3-2.png

When Coach to Player is permitted, we are ready!


The ProCom X12 Game Clock Controller is ready for when Coach to Player is permitted. It provides automatic control of when the coach is permitted to talk to the player and can be customized to whatever the conference permits.  Connects to standard play clock for automatic control, or can be controlled with a remote switch by the Play Clock Operator. *


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