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Official ProCom Reconditioning Program

Reconditioning is provided by Westcom Wireless.

What is reconditioning?


The headset reconditioning by Westcom Wireless is a yearly reconditioning program designed to help protect your investment, provide you with the latest technology, and extend the overall life of your system. Westcom Wireless is the only official, authorized reconditioning center of HME and ProCom Headsets.

Reconditioning Includes:

  • Updating firmware of all electronics to the latest software version

  • Cleaning and deoxidizing the components

  • Overall turning and alignment if needed

  • Replacement of all foam pads

  • Testing of battery life

  • Moisture and debris removal from case

  • Priority call back during the season

How do I go about reconditioning my headsets?

  1. Click here to download, print and complete our reconditioning form. Be sure to sign the authorization line before sending it in.

  2. Package all components inside of your case along with the authorization form. All components are inspected and cared for as part of the reconditioning service including the case itself so you should send everything possible to Westcom Wireless Inc..

  3. If possible, place the case inside a box to help protect it from scratched during transit. If no box is available you can ship the headsets directly inside the case but we recommend using zip-ties to secure the case shut.

  4. Ship the headsets (using whichever method you prefer) to the address below. Note: Do not ship to any address other than the one below. Shipping to the address on the case will cause a significant delay in the reconditioning process. You are responsible for shipping charges to Lower Burrell and Westcom will cover the return shipping charges. We recommend insuring the package for the original cost of the system and holding on to your tracking information.

Westcom Wireless, Inc.

c/o: Reconditioning Department

2773 Leechburg Road

Lower Burrell, PA 15068

United States

For ProCom sales support in Canada, please call 519-933-6760 or email

For reconditioning inquiries, including system status, please call 724-337-1400 or email

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