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X12A All-in-one headsets

We didn't cut back on design quality and performance at all with the development of our ProCom X12A All-In-One headset.  Our X12A has the same great features as our popular X12 belt pack, but in a sleek wireless design that's both portable and durable.


The ProCom X12 Platform is the only coaching system to allow you to mix both traditional belt packs with All-In-One headsets, allowing each coach to choose which style suits them best... all without a base station!

most power  -  most durable  -  most features

X12A All-In-One Wireless Coaching Headset

SEE IT!  -   FEEL IT!  -  HEAR IT!

And you will be convinced it is the best headset system available.

x12 belt pack button1.png
x12mr button1.png
loudmouth button1.png

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How Durable Are ProCom Headsets?

Full Football Stadium Render

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Coach-to-Player compatible

The X12 System integrates with the latest and greatest of coaching technologies -- developed exclusively for use with ProCom headsets.

X12MR Mini In-Helmet Receiver


Mini In-Helmet Receiver

Already used by hundreds of programs all over the country -- including the pros! -- the X12MR gives you a direct line of communication to your player.


Two-way sideline comm system

Permitted for in-game use at any level, the LoudMouth bridges the gap between coaches in the booth and players on the sideline.

LoudMouth Two-Way Sideline Comm System
Extreme Close-Up of Football

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